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Whole Tire Cutter

Whole Tire Cutter

Automatic Rubber Powder Production line technological process:

Wastes Tires - Hook  Debeader - Tire Cutter - Whole Tire Shredder - Rubber Crushing Machine - vibrating screen - fiber separator (rubber powder diameter 1.7mm to 0.55mm) fine rubber powder machine - tires drawing machine - the machine  -  tires cut the whole tire crusher Rubber powder (rubber powder diameter 0.55mm ~ 0.12mm).

Large wire cutter is used to cut fiber tires and other waste tire with removed sidewall rim tires.


Qingdao Shun Cheong Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of various vulcanizing press and press machine. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification and our products have qualified with Sweden SGS Certificate, UKS Certificate and CE Certificate.


Rubber cutting machine can cut off various waste tire rubber block cut to required specifications, to facilitate follow-up equipment broken. Its main components include: motor, moving turret fixed turret, rack, fuel tank, hydraulic station, control box. The main features are as follows:

1. tool made of high quality imported materials made of high strength, wear resistance, toughness, and long service life.

2 Have a cut tire automatic reset function, easy operation.

3 unique file wheel device, make the cut tire tires card material. Knife block with automatic positioning, high positioning accuracy, safe and reliable work.

Constant power variable piston pump 2.4 Hydraulic system adopts international advanced technology, low noise, high pressure, and improve the life of the equipment and the safe operation of the control system.

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