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Hook Debeader

Hook Debeader

Automatic Rubber Powder Production line technological process

Wastes Tires - Hook  Debeader - Tire Cutter - Whole Tire Shredder - Rubber Crushing Machine - vibrating screen - fiber separator (rubber powder diameter 1.7mm to 0.55mm) fine rubber powder machine - tires drawing machine - the machine  -  tires cut the whole tire crusher Rubber powder (rubber powder diameter 0.55mm ~ 0.12mm).

The role of hook tire debeader is used to pull out the waste tire bead from tires directly.


Qingdao Shun Cheong Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of various vulcanizing press and press machine. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification and our products have qualified with Sweden SGS Certificate, UKS Certificate and CE Certificate.


2. Automatic rubber powder production line is suitable for dealing with the various nylon cord tires, steel tires, large-scale projects such as fetal crushing processing waste rubber products, rubber powder and nylon line, wire full separation, production of rubber powder diameter 1.7mm ~ 0.12mm between. The high degree of automation of the production line, requiring fewer workers, wearing parts can be reused, the high safety factor of the whole production line.


3. Hook debeader includes motor, hydraulic system, retractor, pull the mouth, body and other components. The basic principle is: the hydraulic system driven by the motor and cylinder retractor connected to the fuel tank trolley, retractor for reciprocating pumps, cylinder movement prompted. The start button after the tire in the pull-mouth, the retractors thrust mouth hooked tire inner ring wire parts. Due to a strong tension of the cylinder, the wire is pulled whole tire side portion due to the pull-up mouth function, prompting rubber tear, and thus play a smooth separation purposes. The main features are as follows:

1) Retractors, Vane main components are the specialty materials, made of specially treated high strength, wear-resistant and durable.

Constant power variable piston pump

2) Hydraulic system adopts international advanced technology, low noise, high pressure, and improve the life of the equipment and the safe operation of the control system.

3) Manual control tire upgrade and brushed forward and backward movement, stable and reliable, and accurate positioning, improve work efficiency.

4) The equipment has a tire lifting device, different tires can be easily placed, to reduce the amount of labor, and higher yield.

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