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Drop Type Banbury Mixer

New Type Environmental Drop Type Banbury Mixer

Drop Type Banbury Mixer

 The new environmentally friendly banbury mixer is the most ideal new mixing equipment in the rubber and plastic industries. Its performance indicators have reached the domestic and foreign advanced levels, with advantage of advanced and reasonable design, compact structure, small space, easy installation, high mixing efficiency, uniform mixing and dispersion, fully closed structure, new sealing design, no rubber or powder leakage and environmental friendly etc.

Total Volume125L170L250L350L
Working Volume55L80L110L160L
Rotor TypeFour Arrises Rotor
Transmission DirectionLeft/Right Rotating
Rotor Rotating Speed4~40 r/min
Main Motor Power110KW160KW250KW315KW
Motor TypeFrequency Motor
Top Bolt TypeDouble Cylinder Hydraulic Drive
Pressure of Top Bolt to Material4~6 MPa5~8 MPa6~8 MPa8~10 MPa
Hydraulic Pressure2~10 MPa2~10 MPa2~10 MPa2~12 MPa
Discharging Gate TypeHydraulic Drive, Hydraulic Locking
Cooling Water Pressure0.4~0.6MPa
WeightAbout 9.5TonsAbout 11TonsAbout 21TonsAbout 23Tons

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