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Batch off Cooler-Roller Type


Batch off Cooler-Roller Type

Batch off Cooler-Roller Type

1. The Roller Type Batch Off Cooler is mainly calendaring, cooling and packing for the tire tread kinds of rubber and plastic products (such as a  cable jacket , EPDM , CPE rubber  etc) to meet the process requirements of users.

2. (1) The roll material of batch off cooler is stainless steel, having a good degree of finish;  

(2) Adjustable motor speed with the speed of the calendar, batch off cooler can also designed according to operator requirements; 

(3) The batch off cooler containing the powder coating and swing rubber sheet device;

(4) Entrances and exits of cooling water and transmission chain are on the same side, so it is convenient for the operators to transport the rubber and plastic products from the calender to the cooler terminal.

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