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Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

Rubber extrusion vulcanization line is used in production of band, strip and tubular shape of dense and foam rubber products which used in building, electrical, mechanical, water conservancy etc industry. Production process: raw materials - mixer - rubber mixing machine - Extruder - vulcanizing box - cooling traction - packaging and storage. The features of this line: uniform vulcanization, quick vulcanizing speed, high efficiency, high product quality, low production costs, environmental protection and energy saving.


The characteristics of the cold feed rubber extruder:

1. Cold feed rubber extruder adopts overall welding base, compact structure, safe and reliable, convenient installation and commissioning.

2. Gear reducer is rectangle hardened reducer with 6 precision gear; the cylindrical gear through carburizing and grinding tooth so of low noise, long life and endurance;

3. Screw is the core component of extruder which made of 38CrMoALA after nitriding treatment with wear-resistant, long life and high strength which can withstand high-torque and high-speed; Our company has made unique design to the screw thread structure according to the client’s rubber seal technology requirements, which divided into sub-fast feeding, slow progress, mixing and other five phases.

4. Barrel using cold, hot water circulation adjustment pumps or mold temperature device to adjust the temperature.

5. Motor with inverter control and adjustable speed.

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