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Fabric Core Conveyer Belt Vulcanizing Press


Fabric Core Conveyer Belt Vulcanizing Press


Conveyer Belt Vulcanizing Press is mainly used for vulcanizing giant conveyer belt such as nylon conveyer belt, common conveyer belt, anti-fire conveyer belt, wire rope conveyer belt etc. 


1. This Conveyer Belt Vulcanizing Press is of high automation level and compact advanced structure.

2. The main machine is of frame structure and equipped with special purpose hydraulic unit.

3. Both the hot plates and piston plunger are all made of superior material, they are accurately processed and have high etch and wear resistance.

4. The control system has been taken up with PLC so as to realize multi program automatic control of curing process, for example, the temperature of the hot   plates can be measured and regulated automatically. This will improve the control level and provide with high efficiency of production and low intensity of labor. 

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