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Lab Dispersion Kneader


Lab Dispersion Kneader


This Lab Dispersion Kneader is widely used in rubber plastic and its products industry, like tyre and seal factory etc., also the mixing rubber production and small test of Paint, dye, ceramics, medicine, magnetic tape, film set factory etc.

Construction Character:

1. This Lab Dispersion Kneader has advanced and reasonable design, compact structure, covers little space area, easy installation, and high production efficiency, easy and reliable operation.

2. The mixing rubber room uses "w" type. Wall and rotor choose wear-resisting alloy steel integral mould, key parts first possessing by imported wear surfacing welding rod processed then by hard chromium plating, more tighten and durable. Mixing rubber room is easy to clean and replace pigment frequently. Good cooling and heating effect, mixed rubber spread evenly. New sealing design, good sealing affect, long life, safe and greatly improve the working environment.

3. Sidewall leak-proof device adopts high-tech materials-epoxy glass cloth made of high- pressure die- casting, Lab Dispersion Kneadercharacteristic is not easy to wear and maintenance, no chemical reaction, between leak-proof seal and wear-resisting ring filling port, so can extend seal rings and increased life.

4. The Lab Dispersion Kneader pressure cover use "M" type structure, so the rubber mixed more evenly and thoroughly.

Technical Parameter:




Kneader effective capacity



Mixing Room total capacity



Rotor Speed(Front/Rear)

32/24.5 r/min

32/24.5 r/min

Motor Power(KW)




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