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Professional Waste Tyre Recycling Machine: This line can crush all kinds of waste tire into rubber block 40-120 mesh rubber powder. Feature: Strong crushing capacity, can directly crush the tyres into powder. High degree of automation, few workers can operate. High yield, low energy consumption; humanized design reduces the labor intensity of workers.
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Mixing Mill is traditional equipment; we have been committed to developing new structure of the machine for many years. Through technological improvement and application, we have obtained the breakthrough improvement in many aspects, such as motive force transmitting system, safety factor and so on. Lower cost, higher efficiency and more humanization of operating have always been our pursuit.
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      Qingdao Shun Cheong Machinery Co., Ltd is a high & new tech enterprise who professionally manufactures rubber machine. We are one of the mainstay company in chinese rubber machinery production industry. Our company is located in Qingdao west coast---Jiaonan City, which adjoins Qingdao economic-technical development zone and closes to Qingdao Qianwan Port and Qingdao Liuting International Airport .
      Our company has experienced technique team and management with vigor and vitality as well as surefooted workers. There are advanced CNC, various of machine processing equipments, heat treatment equipments and precise testing equipments. It can carry on the design and install and technical support for the conveyer production line and the reclaimed rubber production line. We also have the capacity to design and install a complete system in water, electricity, gas engineering which can be able to manufacture 3 million sets of bias truck tyres. Our main products includes: rubber product equipment, reclaimed rubber equipment, bias truck tyres equipment etc. We also have rubber mixing equipments such as banburying machine, rubber mixing machine, rubber crusher, refiner, rubber cutting machine; rolling equipments such as calenders with two/three/four high mills, linkage line, placemat finisher; vulcanizing equipments such as vulcanizing press, conveyer forming machine, tyre vulcanizer, solid tyre vulcanizer, flap curing press,inner tube curing press; We can design and manufacture all kinds of non-standard rubber machinery according to the requirements of the customers. Our company has the right to engage in export trade independently. Its products are popular and be sold to southeast countries or districts such as Thailand, Indonesia, Srilanka, Vietnam, also part of them are exported to some industrially developed country like America, France etc.
    Our company is willing to have friendlycooperation with all the customers and jointly crease the win-win situation. We have high-quality products and excellent after-sales service. Welcome to visit our company!  
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